Monday, April 21, 2014

He is on our team!

As I reflect on the Holy day yesterday that we refer to as Easter and think of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I consider how truly important it is for us to have a relationship with Him!
Oh it is so important! But what makes it so important is the role that He plays in that relationship!
The way that I describe or consider it is that Jesus Christ is on our team.

I often would confuse Him as a coach, who though loved me and wanted me to do my best, pushed and urged me insistently that I sometimes felt what was being asked was too difficult to bare. Or even seem possible to complete.
But what I have learned is, He is not the coach.
He is the team captain!

He is in the game with us. He cheers us and warns us. He leads us and protects us. He takes the blame for the loss and gives the glory elsewhere for the win.
He runs every sprint along side of us, He fixes every wrong play and when we miss the goal He says shoot again.
Even if at the time we don't make the team or our unable to play from an injury, He supports us while we watch. He is our friend and our advocate.
I love the Savior so much. He takes everything we have and makes it even better. He brings what we don't have and completes what is missing.
He loves us so much and I know that He lives.
If you have or haven't I invite you to do as Moroni directs and to"come unto Christ"  because I know that, that is the only way to truly live.

Moroni 10:32

Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love God with all your might, mind and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grace ye may be perfect in Christ; and if by the grace of God ye are perfect in Christ, ye can in nowise deny the power of God.


Love Sister Schramm


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