Saturday, May 3, 2014

The parable of the confused eyelash

I had just finished washing my face before bed when I noticed a rather long eyelash about to poke my eye. It was flipped up side down with the curve facing down rather then toward the sky likes its fellow eyelashes.

Thinking it was loose and preparing to fall, I pulled at it. Sure enough this eyelash was still rooted to my eyelid along with the others. It belonged there but seemed confused as to where its individual spot was.

I attempted to roll it back into place, but it wouldn't stay.
I tried again, however with no success the eyelash flipped returning into its irregular position.
I knew if this eyelash wouldn't be adjusted then my eye would get poked and irritated.

Then I determined something new.
Gently, I brushed the eyelash.
It started to move back.
Slowly and steady I combed all of the eyelashes uniting them.

With one final sweep of my finger and blink of my eye, the lash was back into place.

I thought on this experience for a moment and though simple and rather somewhat silly, I considered how often we are like the confused eyelash!

Within the world we live there is so much we may not understand. Who are we, why are we here and what is our purpose of existence?

Not understanding these things does indeed lead us to forget our place and sometimes even turn upside down.

Whether we choose 'to flip' in order to stand out or whether we are lost and turn over regardless, one truth always stays the same.
We are all connected to a loving Heavenly Father and He has a plan and purpose for each of us, His children.
He cares about us and wants us to fulfill our purpose the best we can.
He loves us so much that even when we do rotate upside down, He created a way for us to once again regain our original state.

He sent His loving Son, Jesus Christ, to help us out. Jesus Christ gently and kindly urges us to do whats right. He teaches us to love and support one another on our way back.
He guides us all the way to the end and beyond. He helps us stay out of trouble or cause pain. He loves us so much we can't even fathom or comprehend it.

We may not be eyelashes flipped upside down but some of us may be confused as to why we are here. I know that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father have the solution and the first step to gain it is to pray.

I am grateful for a loving master who leads, guides and walks beside. He is constantly helping me find the way. Regularly teaching me what I must do to live Him again someday.

-Sister Schramm

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