Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Follow the Prophet..... Ancient and current

Personal study has been in Helaman lately and I love it!

Can I just say chapters 7-9 are amazing!!!

Let me tell you why!

Ok so Nephi (named after the original Nephi 300+ years earlier) is sad and disappointed in the Nephites wickedness. So he goes on a tower in a garden by the highway to the market in Zarahemla and prays.
(Here is a little picture I drew to understand the setting ) :)

Well these guys see him praying and gather lots of friends to watch. They hear him praying to God regarding THEIR wickedness and so they get mad! Well Nephi finishes his prayer and sees the crowd. He straight up calls them out! He states why they gathered and then he tells them of their wickedness, corruption and that they need to repent and turn to God.

Well of course being unrighteous and prideful they desire to put an end to him and his preaching.

Except....................... some.

Helaman 8:And it came to pass that thus they did astir up the people to anger against Nephi, and raised contentions among them; for there were some who did cry out: bLet this man alone, for he is a good man, and those things which he saith will surely come to pass except we repent;

These some are amazing to me! These are they who stand up for what is right. They recognize righteous and good. They are so good at being examples and sharing their testimony that the others don't persecute Nephi.

I know in today's world the scenario is different than this situation, however the moral remains the same.

We have prophets telling us what to do to be better and closer to God. We need to listen and follow their example. When we stand up and follow their heed and counsel we are saved from unwanted difficulties and receive blessings we are in much need of. I am so grateful for a prophet and I know that Jesus Christ chosen servant to lead His church today is President Monson.

I love my Savior and am so grateful I was called by His prophet to serve here in DC South.

Follow the prophet he knows the way!

*Sister Schramm*

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