Wednesday, February 19, 2014

If you could reach the top floor would you?

Imagine your BIGGEST dream , your GREATEST desire, your FINEST moment.

All of it. All that you could obtain that you ever wanted, it is at a place. That place is on the top floor. The top floor of the building called potential.

Potential is the capability to determine or become. You have entered that building and all that is left is to take the elevator to the top floor.

Would you do it?

I would assume that everyone would!!! However I have learned from the experience of the world, others and even myself we often shy away from doing our very best. From becoming that person we want to see in the mirror looking back. 

Why? Why when all we have to do is push the button that takes us to the top floor?

I believe it's because we are scared, that once we reach it, what we hoped would be there wont be or that we wont be able to sustain who we have become on the way there.

So instead of taking the energy to get to the top floor we settle for the bottom or lower floors. 

What I have learned, know and try to apply is NEVER settle. You are a child of God! 

Galations 3: 26 For ye are all the achildren of God.

"You are smarter than you think, braver than you believe and stronger than you feel." -Christopher Robbin

You go to that top floor. You can do it. Don't fear.

Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the aLord thy God iswith thee whithersoever thou goest.

God is with you and will help you get there. The top floor is where He lives. I have not been to the top floor myself, however I have felt a sliver of what I know it will feel like.

All of us can reach that top floor. All of us have the potential to be like our Father in Heaven. Set that as your goal. Is you are ever asked, "If you could reach the top floor would you?"
I hope your answer is YES! I know mine will be love!!

Love your fellow follower of Christ,

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