Saturday, February 8, 2014

To pass the point.

There is a split moment in everything that is very crucial.

This moment is what I call "the POINT."

It is the moment when everything up until that position of time builds and then something happens or changes.

To explain the point I think of a sunset. The sun descends until it is just a sliver and then is it gone.

The point is a drop of water just about to fall. It gets heavier and heavier and then plop it falls.

The point is when you are so tired and on the brisk of falling asleep and the last thing you remember is the ceiling...... then boom you are asleep.

The point is the very last second of something before the change. It is the change from old to new. It is as quick as a snap and turns into something totally different.

I have pondered the idea of the point often and always my mind travels to the question, "What causes the point to take place?"

In a scientific setting, I am sure there is a complicated answer with a ridiculous math equation supporting it. However in a spiritual context, there is a supreme God who knows the answer. As I have contemplated the idea I have better understood this question more.

To me the answer is real intent to become.

Real intent is to mean it. Become is to begin to be. To follow through. To not look back. To be sincere and act.

D&C 39:4 But to as many as received me, gave I power to become myasons; and even so will I give unto as many as will receive me, power to become my sons.

I have reached "the point" in my life before. When I have I learn, I grow and become better. I know that God intents for each of us to reach the point. The point where we change and become better. The moment when we have real intent and go. I am so grateful for this knowledge and gospel and that it helps me reach "the point" all the time. So if you haven't in a while, reach the point and change.

Sister Schramm

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