Friday, March 7, 2014

quick to observe

My dad isn't a Scientist or a Doctor or a Lawyer.

However my Dad is so intelligent. 

I have asked him before how he knows so much and is so smart and his answer simply is, "I pay attention to the things around me."

(Note binoculars in picture) :)

From my experience as a missionary I would replace my dads answer 'paying attention' to the phrase 

'quick to observe' is from The Book of Mormon found in Mormon 1:2

The background behind this phrase is the young prophet historian Mormon was told by Ammaron, a man of God who hide the record to protect it, to retrieve the plates of Nephi and to record also the dealings of the people during his life. 

Ammaron also explained Mormon was chosen because he was [trustworthy] and quick to observe. 

I love this phrase and support it completely! I know that we are given blessings, responsibilities, knowledge, insight, strength, comfort or any other thing by being quick to observe.

The Lord leads us through and by our senses. When we use those senses to follow Him and gain knowledge through Him we are blessed! 

Learn from the things around you! Everything testifies and witnesses to Christ! When we are quick to observe we gain so much!

I am so grateful for The Book of Mormon. It has blessed my life so much and I love learning from it. It is the way God speaks to me. 

Be not only quick to observe the things around you, but also be quick to observe the Saviors teachings and commandments. 

Here is your invitation! Be quick to observe today of something and take note of it! 

Sister Schramm 

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